Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my experience of being a UiTMT student for approximately one month..

My experience of being a UiTMT student for approximately one month..

On the first time I come here, I feel very uncomfortable. Because of the temperature, accommodation, entertainment and etc.

UiTMT is situated near the beach. So the temperature will be higher than in Puchong, my hometown. Furthermore, there is no air-conditioner in my room at the hostel. Compared to my home, there are air-conditioners in the living room and every room in my house. But, after one month living in UiTMT, I think I can match myself to the environment. Even I always go to the beach with my friends in the evening, when I have free time.

The accommodation in Dungun also much more different than in Puchong. The public transport in Dungun also limited in number and type. Compare to Puchong, we can get the buses and taxis anytime. And it’s much more comfortable. But after one month living in Dungun, I realised that I can go for outing without any difficulty. So, I think I should be grateful with everything I have here. Other things that make me fell in love with Dungun are, there is less pollution in Dungun compared to Puchong and the local people in Dungun are very friendly and helpful.

The most important element in teenagers’ life is entertainment. There is no shopping mall, cinema, bowling centre, theme park and etc. And until now, I can’t get the solution towards this problem. (x_x)
Whatever it is, Puchong and Dungun are parts of my life =)

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Nur Syazwani said...

You must learn how to adapt to this situation. I know you'll make yourself feel as if you're at home as you move on. I hope you can use all your entertainment+leisure time by doing something beneficial here. Take care.